Admission Open OP International School Shankar Patti

Admission is Open Now

Registration Process

The academic year of the school is from April to March.

Admission to class LKG (Lower Kindergarten), Class I, and Class IV are taken in Jan-Feb.

Admission to other classes will be available only if there are vacancies.

The application processing fee is
₹ 500/- which is non-refundable.

Admission Requirements in OP International School

Academic Year

Start From April
End In March
* From April To March

Birth Certificate

Birth Certificate From Panchayat/Nagarpalika. The birth Certificate once given shall not be changed.

Admission Interview LKG

  • Recognize And Count Numbers 1-50
  • Recognize And Recite Hindi Alphabets
  • Recognize And Recite English Alphabets
  • Recognize Flowers, Colours, Fruits, Birds.
  • Few other questions to test logical and mental abilities.

Admission From Class I - VIII

  • Date Of Birth Certificate
  • Stamp Size Photograph of the student
  • Transfer certificate from the school where the student is studying.
  • Written Tests will be taken in English, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Hindi, Computer.


We have registered our school in 2021 and the registration number is: 596-97