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Learning and Fun

Learning and Fun

There are many things to learn with fun. We have different kind of fun games to learn.

Children safety at OP international School

Children Safety

We take care children safety seriously. So, you can be worry free from the kids side. 

Healthy Environment at OP International School

Cute Environment

The environment is perfect for kids. There are various types of flowers and tree in the campus.

Supportive Teacher at OP International School

Supportive Staff

All the staffs are very supportive. They are helping to each and every kid for any kind of difficulties in study.

Our New Course High lights

Yoga and Mental Health at OP International School

Yoga & Mental Growth

We have designed some new techniques which are very helpful to increase memory power and health as well.

Latest Technologies at OP International School

Latest Technologies

In this special course, we discuss about the new technologies, new discoveries.

Logical Thinking classes at OP International School

Logical Improvement

In our new syllabus, we are adding new course logical improvement. This will help to grow in logical thinking.

Our Speciality

OP International School Individual Care

Individual Care

All the students in the class are not the same. Some are very good in study but few of them are very weak. So we understand each student and make some extra plans for the weaker students. It creates equal place.

OP International School Parental Involvement

Parental Involvement

We have the best policy to establish communication between parents and school administration. It will help parents to understand their children's behavior. It will increase the relationship between parents and kids.

OP International School a Perfect Environment

A Perfect Environment

We have created the best environment for students. They are disciplined and also they respect their elders. They care about our country. They love India. It will make them perfect in life too. So they can enjoy life.

Find Out What Are People Saying About Us

The way of education is great. Teachers behave differently if there is any weakness in any one student. Here, the school arranges a special class for weaker students. Weekly performance monitor. There is a logical and psychological test for every kid. It is a great place for your kid.
Dr. Singh
It is a great school. It gives opportunities to all students to try out different activities. Every student is equally treated. The teachers are great, and all the concepts they teach are clear and easy to take. There are sufficient lights in every classroom. OP International School.
Rajak Mishra
the studies are great, and new sports have been introduced. the atmosphere of the school is excellent, teachers are extremely kind and understanding. all the teachers go out of their way to help students. no other school teaches you how to use your handkerchief or sit properly.
Rama Sharma